If you are not a fan of motivational speeches, just skip the next pile of letters and just check out the summary below:

We present you the event, you waited the whole semester for. We invite you to the ESN 5-a-side Football Tournament. So get four friends and sign up, or try your luck and sign up to form a team with 4 soon-to-be friends and win the cup against all odds.
But it is not just about the competition: This tournament aims mainly for the fun and for the good cause… Yeah, that’s right, it is a charity tournament. So if you have fun playing football, even without any ambitions, you should not miss this unique experience. Just imagine to score a goal in front of your friends. And every sign up is helping the cause.
But wait, that still sounds boring, especially to watch? You wish to somehow influence the game from the sideline other than just cheering up this top motivated players on the field? That would be awesome, right? Sadly we cannot… wait! We have you covered! For small donations you have the possibility to acquire some fun gadgets, to turn the game in your team’s favour!
Of course that is still not enough, to convince you to stay a day in the sun, having a great time on the field and cheering your mates. You know that, we know that, so why don’t have a picknick at the same time. Or playing some volleyball? Is that a deal?
Ok back to the field: The first round is over, let’s go to the semi-final. Oh, your team did not make it? No problem! Before the semi-finals start, we will have an auction, to decide, which additional player the audience want to see in the next round. These players will then support the final 4 teams, which will then in a 7-a-side decide which one will get the cup.
Ok, ok, ok… long story short, it will be awesome. Don’t worry if that sounded confusing, we will clear everything up for the teams and the people, who just want to hang around.
The important thing now is, to grab your friends and sign up!

So what is going on? (Short Summary):
ESN Charity 5-a-side Football Tournament

Date: Sa, 8th July
Time: 10:00 – 18:00 (The schedule will be announced before)
Location: Sportzentrum Nord Handschuhsheim

The tournament:
5-a-side (First round)/ 7-a-side (Semifinal/final)
Duration (First round): 7 min
Duration (Semi-final/Final): 15 min (halftime after 7:30min)
(The durations will change according to the number of teams)
Break between first round and semi-final (1h) to get something to eat and to drink, as well as having the player auction (more details in the following)

The auction:
To raise money for charity we will have an auction, to decide which of the players of the eliminated teams will join the 4 teams in the semi-finals. We will change from a 5-a-side to a 7-a-side, so 8 player get a second chance. Everyone can anonymously put a small amount of money on the players they want to see in the semi-finals. After the break the player, which generated the most funds, will be announced and join the last four teams!

The audience:
If your team is not playing, or you just came to watch your friends playing, you can donate some money to get gadgets to help your team win. This gadgets can range from cards, that sends of a player from the other team for a few seconds, to goofy (but maybe as helpful) gadgets like water guns. We will give provide you with a list of all the gadgets soon!

1 Team = 1 Goalkeeper + 4 field players (You can of course change the roles for every game!)
You can either sign up as a team (Team: your team name) or sign up without a team (Team: blank) and we will assign you a team.
Participants fee: 5€ per player – This will cover eventual costs and the rest will go to charity.
To be officially be signed up, you need to pay the fee at Gunnar’s (If you sign up as a team, paying the 25€ collectively, will be ideal).

Before the tournament:
Survival Guide: We will send you a file with everything you need to know ( Location, Schedule, rules, what to bring, …)

On the tournament:
Trikots: Since we cannot provide you with trikots, to look professional we suggest you to wear the same colour as a team. We will provide jerseys.
Shoes: Since we play on artificial lawn, you won’t be allowed to play on the field with spikes. Football shoes with short studs are allowed, and if you do not have football shoes, just bring your trainers.
Picknick: We will sell food and drinks, but feel free to bring your own food as well and everything you need, to have a nice picknick.
Volleyball: We will also have access to volleyball fields!

Some more informations will follow in the next week!
We are looking forward to see you!
Your ESN-Team

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08/07/2017 - 10:00 to 18:00
  • Everyone is invited.