Explore the ancient realm of the grand imperial castle. 
Discover a unique and compelling history on our personal city tour.
Become immersed in terror and fascination, as you uncover the deep scars of Nazi history: standing on the same ground once walked by history's most infamous at the Dokumentationszentrum and Zeppelinfeld rally grounds.
Nürnberg is not a trip to be missed. When the night draws in, we'll party hard in a club - but not without stopping by a traditional Bavarian Biergarten on our way back from touring the city.
Tickets are on sale now for 90€ (95€ without ESN card). We have a limited number, so get your pals together, get your tickets and get ready to Nürnberg!
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17/06/2017 to 18/06/2017
65€ (ONLY 100€ for TWO spots)
  • Everyone is invited.