Welcome to ESN Heidelberg!

ESN Heidelberg is a non-profit voluntary organisation in Heidelberg which is part of an Europe-wide network called Erasmus Student Network (ESN). With our work we aim at improving the integration of internationals and at facilitating their participation of everyday and cultural life in Germany. Thereby we hope to contribute to making your stay in Heidelberg an unforgettable experience for ERASMUS-students, non-ERASMUS-students and non-students from all over the world.

We organise different events, parties and excursions for everybody who is interested in joining us.

On this page you find information about us, our work, the network and our program for the upcoming semester.

We are looking forward to meeting you for any of our events!


ESN Heidelberg Team


ESN Monday Pubnight

Our ESNcard

In case you don't have one already: we highly recommend getting an ESNcard. It gets you great discounts for our trips and events. What´s more, it offers discounts for many local gems and national and international partners' businesses.