Small card - great profit!

What is the ESNcard?
The ESNcard is a discount card offered to international students by the Erasmus Student Network. The ESNcard gives you a great discount on our trips and events throughout the year. What´s more, for you, the card is both an easy way to save money whenever  you’re shopping at one of our partners and a great way to learn about our favorite shops and hidden gems in cities all over Europe.
The ESNcard project first started in the year 2005 and has been growing ever since. Over the last year, 120.000 cards were produced and distributed among the ESN members and the exchange students.

Who uses the ESNcard?
The card is used by 140.000 people per year in 40 countries. In order to obtain one, one of the following criteria has to fit you:

  • You have been an international student in the past.
  • You are currently an international student on exchange.
  • You are an ESN member.

How do I get an ESNcard?
The ESNcard is sold by ESN Heidelberg for 8€. To have the ESNcard, you need your ID card or passport and a colored photo of yourself. You can buy it at any of our Pubnights or at any events of ESN Heidelberg. The card is valid for 12 months and only valid with a photo and correct personal data. The card is strictly personal and cannot be used by somebody else than the card holder.

How long is the ESNcard valid?
12 months from the day of issue all over Europe. (You can visit the partners of your local section when you go home too)

Where to find the discounts?
All our local discounts you can find on this Website.



A precise overview of all the advantages and the discounts with the ESNcard can be found on its official website, With the code on your card, you can register online and use all of the international and national discounts such as Ryanair, Hostelling International, The Economist, Flixbus and so much more.


All money raised through ESNcards is purely used to improve the quality of our services offered to you.

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