Social Erasmus in Heidelberg


Since our official affiliation to ESN in 2014, ESN Heidelberg has organized by now two social Erasmus projects: ESN goes Waldpiraten and ESN goes Vorlesetag.


For the first event a group of international and German students around an organizing committee of ESN Heidelberg volunteers organized a day full of Europe-related activities for children staying at the Waldpiraten Camp Heidelberg. The camp belongs to the German association for Children which suffer from cancer and offers the children and their relatives a week of joyful activities with other children who share their fate. For the event, we organized games referring to different European countries for the children and together with the children we cooked dished from different countries. Beside the positive resonance from the organizers of the camp and the participating children, the event was mentioned in the university newspaper [1]. On the national level of ESN we were awarded the Social Erasmus Price.