Heidelberg is a beautiful city and we notice a rising interest of other ESN sections in daytrip and weekendtrips to our city.

Why visit Heidelberg?
Heidelberg has a famous city centre, one of the few which was not destroyed in WW2. While Heidelberg stretches quite far out, most of the intersting sites are close together. You can walk to nearly all of them strolling through the baroque streets.

What can we offer to guests?
We are happy to do a city tour for our guests. The tour takes around 1,5 hours and we visit the most important sites of the old city centre. Due to the length of the tour we don't walk up to the castle or the philosophers' way.

1. City tour (ca. 1,5h)
2. A small pubcrawl
3. A tasting at a local liquor store ( all liquors to try for free!, great souvenir)

To do in Heidelberg:

1. Visit the old city centre
2. Climb the hill to the castle (free entry to the castle after 6pm) and visit the terraces (free)
3. Take a walk to the philosophers way and enjoy a great view over Heidelberg. ( Don't forget wine or beer to take with you)
4. Climp up the stairs of the big church (Heiliggeistkirche, ca. 2 €)
5. Have a beer in a local German brewery ( 1L take away 3€ + 3€ refund, Vetters brewery, take some bottels up the castle terraces / philosophers way)

What do we need to know?

1. When are you planning on visiting us?
2. How many people are you?
3. How long are you planning to stay?

When is the best time to visit Heidelberg?

- The best time is in the beginning of the semester. In spring the flowers and fruit trees bloom and in autumn the leaves turn colorful.
- When the weather is good expect many tourists on the streets and be aware that nearly everything in Heidelberg is small and easily crowded.
- During the semester breaks (February + March and July to October) most of our team is not here which makes it difficult to organize activities, especially for big groups

Eat and Drink in Heidelberg

Please have a look at our list of the places we recommend to eat and to drink in Heidelberg under "Heidelberg: Downloads".

The most important thing is to inform us about your visit in advance. Even if you know some of our team members and you contact them, please still write an email to info@esn-heidelberg.de so a person can be assigned to be your local contact in Heidelberg.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

All the best,
ESN Heidelberg team